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Lull 2024 User Generated Content Creation Guides

Before you shoot your content

Sun Icon

Please film during the day with bright, natural light.

Decorative Number Three

After you unbox your mattress, wait at least 3 days to make sure your mattress is wrinkle-free and fully expanded!

hd circle icon

Use a high-quality camera or phone set to at least 1080px.

Mute Sound Icon

Film in a quiet setting with no background music.

Clipping Scissors

You will need scissors to unbox the mattress.

Tripod line icon

Use a tri-pod or have a friend help you film from a wide front angle. We want the mattress & logo in all shots!


No time-lapse! Do not speed up your video.

Unboxing Guide

Please film and shoot your unboxing horizontally
  • Keep your camera rolling through the whole unboxing process! No need to pause each step!
  • Your unboxing must be from a wide front angle that will capture the entire mattress and logo.

  • Our favorite shot is when you cut the plastic and have the mattress expand with air!
  • Please make sure the logo is showing on the mattress and the box!
  • Aim for 3-5 minutes of unboxing footage.

your lull story Guide

We re looking for genuine reviews about your personal experience with Lull We want to hear about your sleep story Please share the value of Lull in your life by answering each of the following questions in full statements

Please exclude text and music on your videos!

  1. How/why is sleep valuable in your life? Why is it essential that you get great sleep?
  2. How has Lull affected you personally - Has getting better sleep improved daily life?
  3. Has Lull affected the quality of your sleep? How?
  4. How does your old mattress compare to your Lull mattress? How has your sleep changed?
  5. Were you nervous to buy a mattress online? If so, how did Lull make your experience better?
  6. Do you have back pain or insomnia? Has Lull helped improve your pain?
  7. Did the number of positive reviews on our website help you make your decision to get a Lull mattress?
  8. Was there anything that pleasantly surprised you with your experience with Lull?
  9. Who in your life would you recommend a Lull mattress to and why?
  10. Describe the quality and materials of the Lull mattress
    1. Active cooling technology: Cooling gel layer
    2. Responsive memory foam layers
    3. Plush quilted cover
    4. Feels really high quality

action Video Guide

We love a combination of footage that stops viewers in their tracks Aim for 90 seconds of footage with you and your Lull mattress

Please exclude text and music on your videos!

Lull logo must be visible in your shots!

Keep your camera rolling! No need to pause/stop!

Examples of Footage We LOVE
  • We love HIGH ENERGY footage!
  • Fun transitions, falling on the mattress, pillow fights
  • Sleeping/getting in and out of bed!
  • Panning of your bed fully made with the logo showing
  • A room transformation (before and after)
  • Pulling/ripping sheets off the bed to reveal the mattress
  • Squishing the mattress with your hand, fluffing your pillows
  • Close-up shots of the cover and logo
  • Excitement in facial expressions
  • Jumping out of the box
  • Every day activities (reading a book, on your computer, coffee, playing with animals, etc)
  • Disposal of your old mattress (moving it out of your room, throwing it off the balcony, down the stairs, running it over with car)

Organic ugc Video Guide

Please submit a raw file that excludes text and music on your video along with your final draft!

Hook Examples

We want you to tap into your knowledge of TikTok/UGC videos and create a high-quality UGC video! Use a strong hook/intro, call to action, fast motions to stop the viewer in their tracks.

We love when you talk about how Lull has brought VALUE to your life.

  • If you like x, you will definitely love Lull
  • Is there anything worse than bad sleep?
  • POV: You x
  • Ok, I can't gatekeep this any longer
  • Here's the truth about Lull...
  • I slept on this mattress for 90 days and here's my real thoughts...
  • If I was stranded on an island and I could only have 3 items, my Lull mattress would be #1
  • I can't live without this mattress
  • My old mattress x, but Lull fixed that


scripted concept Video Guide

Your coordinator will provide specific video concepts for these videos Please be prepared to brainstorm script ideas
Brushstroke Arrow Smooth Curve Down
Video Concept Examples

Please note that these concepts will vary and require some scripted talking points.

  • Upcoming Promotional Sale
  • Room-Transformation
  • Upcoming Giveaway
  • Your Moving Story
  • Why Lull vs. Competitors

***Please connect with your Coordinator on your expected video concepts!

These videos should be filmed in a TikTok/Reel format, using transitions, VO, etc.

Please exclude text and music on your videos!

horizontal Photo Guide

  • Horizontally shot
  • Bright, natural light
  • Mattress on bed frame
  • Logo is showing
  • Mattress is fully expanded
  • Wide angle, far away
  • Fun, shows personality
  • Vertically shot
  • Mattress is wrinky
  • Sitting on edge of mattress
  • Logo is not showing
  • Dark lighting